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How to care for your AC Screens & Shutters product.

Regular maintenance and cleaning can increase your product's lifespan by many years. Our team is ready to provide you with expert guidance.

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General maintenance information

Never mechanically force any product to open or close. All our models are designed to operate smoothly. First check what the problem is and then if possible make the necessary adjustment. If the problem persists, call us for advice.

Keep controls out of the reach of children. These items are extremely costly and in most cases will have to be replaced.

In the event of stormy weather it is important not to place unnecessary strain on your product by leaving it in the relevant extended, down or open position unless your product is designed for this type of weather or controlled and protected by electronic sensors. It is advisable to retract or close it altogether or leave it in a semi-closed position.

In extremely windy conditions it is advisable that Roll Shutters be kept completely closed or completely open and doors or windows opposite patio shutters closed to avoid a through draft.

Cleaning is a very important aspect in prolonging the life-span of your product and ensuring that they remain looking attractive for as long as possible.

Cleaning guidelines

Aluminium. All aluminium frame work as well as shutters can be washed down with a mild solution of lukewarm water and detergent or alternatively a carwash solution can be used to retain a nice sheen.

Acrylic Awning Fabric. It is important that you clean acrylic fabric on a regular basis (at least once a month), especially if you live in close proximity to the sea. At the least it is simply a question of hosing it down to remove debris and dust and then allowing it to dry out well before retracting it into the cassette. This is especially important if the awning will not be in use for an indefinite period, for instance during the winter season. Where applicable it is recommended that the valance be removed and stored during this period to prevent unnecessary exposure to the wind.

If there is a soiling problem gently wash the fabric with a light solution of lukewarm water and non solvent soap (such as a Sunlight soap bar). The juice of a lemon can be added to facilitate the removal of grease stains or soiling caused by traffic pollution. Bird droppings must first be brushed off and the soiling neutralised with soda water or bicarbonate of soda added to clean water. Once this is done the fabric can be washed with a soapy solution specified above. Avoid rubbing or brushing the fabric as this may damage the protective coating.

PVC- coated Polyester and PVC- coated Fiberglass Screening Fabrics.These fabrics are fully washable and must be cleaned on a regular basis with a soft brush, water, or a non solvent soapy solution using for example a bar of Sunlight soap, followed by rinsing. They are rot proof and will not stain if rolled up wet.

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