Corradi retractable roofs

Outdoor living spaces from Italy, by Corradi Outdoor Living Space.

Europe’s foremost designer and producer of bespoke outdoor living spaces and shade structures for the commercial and private homeowner markets. This makes for a perfect marriage as we at AC Screens & Shutters pride ourselves on providing you, our esteemed customer, with the very best from Italy and the world.

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Pergolas with retractable roofs

Pergotenda® These beautiful patio awnings can be free standing, or mounted against a patio wall. The awnings are custom made for each application and is delivered in kit form to be installed by AC Screens & Shutters. The Pergotenda® can be manufactured in wood or aluminium and different finishes are available. The sliding canvas roof blocks out 90-100% UV rays (depending on fabric selection) and is retractable, either motorised or manually (depending on size). In addition clear or textured outdoor blinds can be fitted which are completely invisible when retracted. Stylish outdoor living is now possible irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.

The sides can also be enclosed using fixed or sliding glass panels for ultimate weather protection. Hinged fire door, integrated timber decking, LED lighting, ambient sound system and various other optional extras are available, all designed and manufactured in Italy. Alternatively, to reduce cost somewhat, these optional extras may also be locally procured from specialist suppliers subject to Corradi structural specifications and limitations.

Sail Awnings

These amazing retractable awnings are all directly derived from genuine nautical technology. The supporting pillars are made from stainless steel, and the awning itself can be supplied in Dacron, the same material used for the fabrication of yacht sails. Corradi sail awnings are completely retractable and can be rolled up manually or by means of motorisation. The motorised units are fitted with an anemometer which is set to automatically close the sail in the event of sudden high winds. In the instance where very large areas need to be covered, such as with commercial applications, a combination of sails can be used to great effect.

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