Folding-arm awning patio cover

Create extended living space for relaxation and outdoor entertainment.

Folding arm awnings create extended living space for relaxation and outdoor entertainment by providing protective shading from the sun's heat and UV rays, as well as from light rain (more so when using traditional canvas or other non-permeable fabric).

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Folding-arm awning patio cover in action

As with other exterior awnings folding arm awnings also enhance the interior comfort of the property by blocking solar radiation long before it reaches the window or door openings. When not required the awning is fully retracted out of the way into a protective cassette or underneath a hood or eave.

Folding-arm awning options


The top quality Merga capable of achieving the largest spans.


the versatile, compact Avior with multiple mounting options.


The basic, functional Kuma.

Motorised and automated awings

The ultimate luxury for optimal convenience and consequently higher utilisation. The drive motor and automatic devices are manufactured in compliance with European safety standards ensuring utmost reliability.


The tubular motor is housed inside the fabric roller shaft assembly so is invisible and fully protected.

Sun Sensors

A sun sensor reads the intensity of the sun's radiation and triggers the unwinding or winding of the awning.

Wind Sensors

An Anemometer (air speed meter) measure wind velocity and transmits a closing signal to the motor if the wind speed exceeds the established maximum speed setting. Alternatively a 3D motion sensor fitted inside the front cover is triggered by excessive motion and retracts the awning. Once the wind speed drops the awning automatically unwinds again.

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