Interior Screens

Interior Screens are ideal for blocking solar radiation.

Custom made roller screens and blinds are ideal for blocking solar radiation in order to reduce the thermal heat gain factor of a building and thereby increase the comfort level of the occupants and decrease the energy cost of artificial air conditioning.

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Interior Screens in action

They are supplied in a compact extruded aluminium cassette which is powder coated to any of the wide range of industry-standard colours to optimally complement the interior or exterior design of the building.

For installation into concealed ceiling bulkheads stainless steel brackets are used without cassettes for better economy and for easier installation into such confined spaces. Side guide options include standard channel guides, stainless steel cable guides, light block-out guides and ziplock guides. For areas where there is little chance of significant air movement free-hanging screens without any side guides are also possible.

Products can be operated manually by means of strap winder, pull chain or universal gear mechanisms although motorisation is highly recommended as it results in a higher utilisation rate due to the greater convenience and the possibility of automation by deploying the product in response to timers, sun, temperature and lux sensors. For very large units and for high or other inaccessible locations motorisation is sometimes the only alternative.

The benefits of Interior Solar Screens

Manufactured using an advanced solar fabric selected from a range of available varieties having different thermal, optical, mechanical and aesthetic properties to suit the specific application, e.g:

  • outward visibility
  • UV blocking
  • thermal blocking
  • anti-glare
  • privacy or
  • mechanical strength and stability

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