Motorised curtain tracks

Accredited suppliers and installers of the Somfy GLYDEA range of motorised curtain tracks.

Motorisation of the curtain track enables this product to be used easily over very long window sections and hard to reach, high-level windows - not to mention the simple benefit of ease of use at the touch of a button.

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Motorised curtain tracks in action

Like all AC Screens' motorised products, integration into Home Automation or Building Management Systems is easily achieved. The Classic Curtain and Ripple Curtain (also known as "wave") style are both possible with the Somfy GLYDEA range of motorized curtain tracks from AC Screens.

AC Screens can also bend the curtain rails around corners or soft curves as required (minimum bend radius 300mm). Other features include soft start and stop, intermediate favourite position, mechanical override to operate manually preventing damage to curtain fabric, touch motion feature to activate motor by pulling on curtain, speed control & adjustment and unlike more common steel cable drive systems, the GLYDEA product produces very little noise due to its belt drive system.

As a supplier certified by Somfy South Africa as a Somfy Expert installer our clients are assured of the best technical installation, after-sales service and warranty support.

The benefits
of Motorised curtain tracks


Lyrease mechanical override system which automatically disengages the motor drive shaft during manual operation thereby preserving the fabric by reducing the force needed to open the curtain by hand.

Setting buttons and cabling not accessible to the end user avoiding accidental deprogramming.

No maintenance necessary after installation due to self-lubricating drive belt.


Patented cover design hides the cabling and protects the connectors and the control modules inside the motor.

Reduced light gap thanks to the rail design and the swivel ceiling bracket.

Adjustable limits, to allow the curtain to fall nicely.


Low operating noise level (less than 44dBA) thanks to motor design and the use of a timing belt.

Soft starting and soft stopping.


Two motor strengths for curtains weighing up to 35kg or up to 60kg.

Programmable "My" function button to return the curtain to a favourite intermediate position using a single remote button press.

Can be fitted with Somfy RTS radio remote control, integrated into home automation system or controlled via standard wall switch.

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