Vertical Patio Screens

Protect patios, verandas, balconies and other outside areas.

AC Screens & Shutters supplies a number of mechanisms suitable for external applications to protect patios, verandas, balconies and other outside areas from sun and weather, while also providing increased privacy.

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zipscreen C95 & C105 - 86-2171 Boulder - ANP39016 Traffic White
zipscreen C95 & C105 - 86-2171 Boulder - ANP39016 Traffic White

Vertical Patio Screens in action

Full cassettes provide maximum protection for the fabric when not in use, as well as for the electric motor or manual operating mechanism.

Alternatively, a simpler hood provides adequate protection at a lower cost.

Lastly, simple brackets provide no protection but are more cost effective where the fabric roll is to be built into a ceiling or bulkhead.

As the screens are expected to provide shelter from wind and rain as well as sunlight and heat, a mechanism to keep the fabric stationary and taught is crucial.

Vertical Patio Screens options

Fixed to the floor

Simple rings fixed to the floor through which hooks can be clipped to keep the bottom bar in place.

Zip screen

More convenient and effective zip screen that locks the fabric into the side guide channel.

Tensioned screen

The tensioned screen uses pulleys, cords and springs intergrated inside the guides and bottom bar to keep the bottom rail under constant tension.

Unique fabrics

Although similar blinds on the market are conventionally offered in acrylic canvas fabric, AC Screens & Shutters primarily offers and recommends Serge Ferrari Soltis composite PVC-coated woven fibreglass screening fabrics as standard because of the unique qualities of the fabrics and the superb finish it lends to the units.

Fabrics are ultrasonically cut and thermally welded for maximum strength and durability, without stitched seams that inevitably perish after prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Motorized operation

AC Screens & Shutters specialises in motorised operation, although manual awning gears or universal cranks are available for for some models and up to limited sizes. Motorisation is the only option for some models and for units spanning large areas that are simply too heavy to operate manually.

Uninterrupted spans of up to 5000mm is readily achievable and with our Zip side guide version spans of over 6000mm have been implemented, with consideration to local wind exposure.

Vertical Patio Screens question?

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